Let someone else take the hassle
out of finding your perfect loan!
Your independent personal loan shopper

We understand that when you're looking for a loan it can sometimes be a daunting & time consuming task.

With so many offers and rates available, which one is best for you?

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone independent who... understands the market, searches and compares all the lenders, knows all the pitfalls and can advise you of all your options.

If you like this idea, why not take advantage of our new PERSONAL LOAN SHOPPER service!

FREE Search & Comparison

There are no charges for your loan search by your PERSONAL LOAN SHOPPER.

Completely Independent

Your PERSONAL SHOPPER will search the whole market to find you the best rates and deals. They are not limited too any particular lender.

Offline Lenders

Your PERSONAL SHOPPER can compare loans from lenders that don’t advertise directly online. These lenders can often offer lower rates because they don’t have expensive marketing costs to consider.

All Circumstances Considered

No matter what your circumstances or history your PERSONAL SHOPPER will help you find the perfect loan for you.

No Obligation

There is no obligation for you to proceed with any loans your PERSONAL SHOPPER finds for you.

Help with The Paperwork

Your PERSONAL SHOPPER can help you complete any paperwork that you may need to complete.

Fully Qualified & Trained

All our PERSONAL SHOPPER advisors are fully qualified and trained on many different types of loans and finance.